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FCSJA is a non-profit association managed by lay friends of Saint Joseph Antoura College.

The mission of the FCSJA is to support Saint Joseph Antoura College, through the financing of aid to College staff and students, and the financing of strategic projects to enable Saint Joseph Antoura College to better accomplish its educational mission.

Objectives of the FCSJA Foundation

Support the College’s areas of development;

Work with the Direction of the College, Amicale des Anciens and the various Committees in order to help them finance the projects and meet the needs of Saint Joseph Antoura College.

Given the exceptional circumstances that Lebanon is going through, the FCSJA has set up with the support of the Œuvre d’Orient a platform to solicit the CSJA community and come to the aid of the staff and students of the College.

Assistance to College Staff

“From a beating body without a beating heart there can be no victory.” Popular proverb.

College staff is engaged in a daily battle with very limited purchasing power. To maintain quality education, the College needs their motivation. This is why FCSJA seeks to support them.

If you wish to help the staff of the College on a temporary or permanent basis, it is now possible to do so through the link below. (A French tax receipt will be sent to you. For example, your donation of €90 only costs you €31. This after tax reduction of 66%, within the limit of 20% of your taxable income. The surplus being carried forward for 5 years.)

Help for students

Faithful to the Vincentian mission, the College today educates many children whose parents are unable to finance their education. In an effort to help these families, FCSJA is launching a campaign to support students in need.

If you would like to help a student pay for their tuition, it is possible to do so through the link below. (A French tax receipt will be sent to you.)

Contact us at:

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